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God has made provisions for your weaknesses


god-has-made-a-provision-for-all-you-needFor all your weaknesses, limitations, and disabilities, God has made provisions. All you need to do is to calmly look around for those pre-arranged solutions. An African adage says it is God who chases flies away from a cow that does not have a tail. In your helplessness, God is always there for you.

A woman named Hagar had a son for a her boss called Abraham. This woman was chased out of the house because she was not legally married to Abraham. In the middle of her journey she became exhausted, weary and thirsty. She was helpless. What made her so traumatized was that her little baby too was extremely thirsty and was dying, but she could not help because she couldn’t find water around. But guess what? God already provided a well very close to her but she did not see it.

Another example was that of this same man Abraham who was instructed by God to sacrifice his only son. This man, in obedience led his son to the place of sacrifice and was about to slaughter him when an angel of God told him that a ram was already provided in place of his only son. You can imagine how excited and relieved Abraham was following this divine rescue.

A final example, I will give is the story of a woman I just saw on a TV show today who was born arm-less. When I considered her situation, I saw that it is really a sad one But God already made a provision for her. She could draw with her toes. Not that alone, God in His aAlmightiness gave her a husband that accepts and loves her and she is living a fulfilled life.

Now, what actually made a difference in the lives of these people? I believe there was something more than physical that rescued these  people. I always believe that God has made provision for everything we need to succeed in life, if we walk according to His purpose for our lives.

God bless you!


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