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if-people-are-not-laughing-at-your-goals-your-goals-are-too-smallWhen God created you and me, He gave each if us a particular task to perform on earth (i.e. purpose). While some are privileged to know their purpose early in life, others are not. Knowing your purpose helps you to conceive the right goals for your life and career. In line with this, I will categorize all human beings into three: (1) those who have not discovered their purpose (2) those who know their purpose but are not courageous enough to pursue it (3) those who already know their purpose and are living it. This write up targets the second group i.e. those who know their purpose but who feel they do not have what it takes to fulfill it.

Let me start by informing you that it takes faith, courage and strong will to fulfill purpose. Let us take Moses in the bible as an example. God called Moses in Exodus 4 v 1-11 and revealed His purpose for his life by giving him an assignment. Moses quickly did SWOT analysis and immediately rejected the task. Why? God gave him a task that involved public speaking but he thought his speech defect was a major limitation. Moses wondered why his calling was tied to his incapacity to speak. Although God persuaded him by giving series of signs (re-assurance) that he will succeed, he (Moses) remained obstinate that he wouldn’t take up the assignment, but he eventually did. This is the situation of many people. They think a major disgrace is awaiting them on their way to fulfilling their destiny because of their perceived or obvious limitations as the case may be. They forget that God who formed them in their mothers’ womb is able to sort out their worries and help them to succeed.

Let us see another case study. Peter and John saw a lame man at the beautiful gate in Acts 3 v 1-9. This man was obviously lame. But Peter instructed him to rise up and walk. Imagine that! How will you instruct a lame to rise up? it looked like a mockery command. This lame man, by faith, obeyed. He tried to lift himself up, and as he did that, his legs became longer, straightened and fully whole. This marked an end of his limitation. Some times, all you need to do is to take a step of faith in the direction of your God-given purpose, without giving attention to your limitations, and you will succeed.

If you already know your purpose but you are limited by funds, fear or a disability, encourage yourself and take the very first step towards realizing that purpose, you will be amazed that in a short while you will be living your dreams.



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