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Childhood Dreams


20170828_082851 (2)Permit me to start by telling you that if you did not dream, you cannot become! This is not to scare you, but to encourage you. No one can achieve big things without dreaming it first. In my view, one of the most critical things parents have to do for their children is to help them dream of the kind of future they want to achieve. It is not limited to asking “What would you like to become, son?” It involves providing access to different information materials that help children identify what they really love, and then grow into that thing. I remember that earlier in life, I wanted to become a medical doctor because that was the popular aspirations of people. At the age of seventeen (17), I personally identified what I wanted to become- a public health professional after requesting for some public health materials from Pfizer. I pursued it so vigorously; working at the community level, then to higher levels. I’m still pursuing it!!!

The conceptual framework is similar to this:

  1. Dream: This stems from a strong desire to possess or become something. From experience, I can tell you that when you have a strong desire and work hard at it, the fulfilment occurs in usually an inexplicable way. It just happens!
  2. Work towards it: Although, I said “it just happens”; yet it does not just happen without you working towards it. Persistence, hard work, prayers, efforts etc. are the requirements for our dreams to come true “suddenly”. I said “suddenly” because it comes with amazement.


3. Achieve it: When points 1 & 2 are present, point 3 (Achievement) is very easy. When you achieve, you feel so happy and fulfilled. An achiever inspires himself to dream more. Other persons around an achiever also feel inspired to work harder towards their dreams too.

The main point of our discussion today is this: “Do you have a childhood dream?” Honestly, it is sad if one becomes an adult without a dream; but be encouraged by the fact that you can dream at any time in life; the earlier, the better though. Also, when you achieve a dream, do not stop there. Please keep dreaming again, and again!




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