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Being a man of conviction


20170913_155602To be a man of conviction is to be a man of your own beliefs. This applies to men and women alike. It means you know what you are doing and why you are doing it, even when others do not see a sense in it. It also means you are ready to walk alone when you are deserted by others who do not believe in your dreams.

Men of conviction sometimes suffer “shame” and “neglect” particularly when their opinions and convictions are unpopular, but they are also usually rewarded greatly with success and good reputation, because they remain undeterred.

The world will always test your resolve! And that is why many people give in to all sorts of things and become irrelevant because they are moving with the crowd.

Men of conviction are leaders and starters. Their somewhat unpopular convictions sharpens their creativity. They see what other do not see. Anyway, they care less what others see or say.

To become a man of conviction is not difficult. Identify your identity and move on with it. That’s all!


Taiwo Adesoba

Johnson City, TN, USA



  1. Olufunmi says:

    Very correct Taiwo…


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