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Deal With “You”!

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Most of us are always in battle with an “Enemy within”. I am not referring to those people who know you well, and may work against you. But I’m talking about an antagonistic voice living right inside of you that keeps you at the same spot for a long time. I believe this is better understood by persons fighting low self esteem.

Let me ask you, who is supposed to be your best friend? The answer is “You”, because no one can love you more than you love yourself. (this does not down play the roles of our friends, family, and any significant other, though). Who is expected to be your constant encourager? The answer is the same- “You”. Who is supposed to stand by you when friends desert you? It is still – “You”. So let me ask, why is “You” making you feel worthless? Why is “You” whispering to you how ugly you look, while people outside are admiring you? How come “You” is telling you that you are not fit for a position, whereas other people from afar see you as the most suitably qualified candidate for the position. How come “You” has made you lost opportunities because of false fear or timidity. Was there ever an occasion when you genuinely felt you would be unsuccessful in an adventure and someone else disagreed with your opinion about yourself? Okay, I experienced it before!

The “You” in this case is that culprit speaking negative words inside of your head; telling you all sorts of negative, discouraging and demoralizing words which are not totally correct.

On the contrary, the voice of “You” in our head may be a warning signal, so discernment too is required.

All in all, it is important that we watch out for every dispiriting voice within our hearts in our pursuit of success. Rather than allowing this inner voice to limit us, let us deal with it by using those discouraging words as impetus to prepare harder, because we have no other choice than to become successful.

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